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API Townhall This Friday

Updated: Mar 27

Weekly API Townhall Meetings

Theta Data will now host a weekly API townhall meeting between 1:00pm-1:30pm ET every Friday. This is a great place to get API questions answered directly from the creator of the Theta Terminal.

How do I join?

We will host the meeting in our discord server, a chat room existing and prospective Theta Data customers use. The meeting will be held in the "API Townhall" channel.

What else will be discussed?

A good problem to have: at Theta Data, there are so many different ways to access data and customize requests, it can be overwhelming. Most customers use our endpoints without special parameters. Some special parameters could seriously improve performance or tailor the output to suite your needs. We will showcase some documented but often missed features that might be game changing for certain use cases.

- Bailey Danseglio

CEO @ Theta Data

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