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Theta Terminal 1.0: WebSockets, Index Greeks, Faster Reqs & More!

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

After an extensive period of beta testing, we are thrilled to announce the official release of Theta Terminal 1.0+. This milestone marks a significant leap forward in our commitment to providing cutting-edge options data access. With version 2 requests, we are introducing game-changing features that are set to redefine your experience with Theta Terminal. I am excited to take this opportunity to share with you the latest and greatest advancements that await you in this new release.

General Features

  • Index Option Greeks are now available exclusively through our REST API

  • System Commands to monitor the terminal.

  • We now paginate V2 responses to lower the Theta Terminal’s memory footprint.

Improved Endpoints

Our V2 bulk EOD & EOD Greeks endpoints are over 10x faster than V1.

  • Bulk Quotes can return a real-time snapshot for every SPXW option in 100ms for users near our New Jersey campus. This is over 12,000 contracts!

  • Bulk EOD: Since OPRA does not report a national EOD report for options, Theta Data generates an EOD report at 5:15pm ET for every option and stock.

  • Bulk EOD Greeks: Uses the EOD report from the option and stock to calculate EOD Greeks.

New Options Snapshots Endpoints

You can now specify the underlying price, annual expected dividend amount, and interest rate used in Greeks snapshots.

WebSockets Beta

You can now access options quotes and trades throughout the trading day using our WebSocket API. We will release an official documentation page soon.

Use the REST API, not the Python one!

Unlock the full potential of Theta Data by switching to the REST API, which outshines our Python API with its extensive feature set. Whether you're a Python enthusiast or work in other languages, the REST API offers a language-independent protocol for seamless integration. Our documentation includes sample code for every supported language, simplifying the transition and ensuring you can make the most of our powerful APIs.

There is more!

We have even more killer features that will be released and documented in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

- Bailey Danseglio CEO @ Theta Data

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