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CSV Support & Bulk EOD Greeks

Historical Data as CSV Files

You can now access all historical requests in a CSV format. Doing so is as easy as adding the use_csv=true parameter in any historical REST API request. It took us just 22 minutes and 51 seconds to fully implement this feature. Our agnostic design philosophy allows us to implement new features and request types faster than any other market data provider.

Bulk End of Day Greeks

Request bulk end of day first and second order greeks for an entire option chain with ease. Just provide a strike price and expiration date and you’re good to go! We plan to cache this EOD data in the future, which will significantly improve performance. You can read up on the documentation for using bulk EOD greeks here.

We’re Not Stopping Here

We have major performance optimizations and new request types going into production in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more updates.

- Bailey Danseglio CEO @ Theta Data

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