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10+ Years of Options Data Available + QuantPy Partnership

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

10+ Years of options data is now available After 2 months of processing historical option and equity feeds at speeds of up to 16 million messages per second, we have fully recorded over 10 years of options (OPRA) data! Over 2 trillion messages have been processed during this processing period - an incredible milestone. The earliest date PRO tier clients can access is June 1st, 2012.

QuantPy + Theta Data partnership

We have partnered with the QuantPy YouTube channel! QuantPy makes guides on applying principles of quantitative finance. Theta Data is featured in their latest video.

What’s up next?

We will be adding new types of data, including market data scanners, which aggregate an entire market data feed to provide a small, insightful output back to you. We will also reduce the amount of steps required to get started with Theta Data. In our next API update, we will bundle the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) with the API. Users will no longer have to worry about having the right version of Java installed.

Thanks for tuning in!

- Bailey Danseglio CEO @ Theta Data

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